WAV Joiner WAV joiner software combine concatenate join add multiple WAVE audio sound files

WAV Joiner

concatenate add append multiple small WAVE audio and make a single big music file without decreasing quality and without any mistake and working process is very simple and easy. You may hear preview of combined WAVE file by using inbuilt player by clicking on "Play after merge" option. Waveform-Audio or WAV Concatenate can call as WAV merger, WAV combiner, WAV assembler, WAV adder etc. User can hear joined wav music with any music player in any time

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Merge Split Extract Adobe Pdf Combine pdf & split adobe pdf pages with pdf splitter merger professional tool

Merge Split Extract Adobe Pdf

Pdf merger software can combine two or more pdf documents together to create single documents. In fact, tool can be used to concatenate pdf as well image files together; support JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP TIFF etc image formats. Pdf splitter, extractor and page remover option is also available in program to split, extract or delete some specific pages form pdf document.

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Movie Cutter 1.0: Cuts and converts movies. Cutting exactly up to one frame. Supports many formats

Movie Cutter 1.0

Movie Cutter is an application for Mac OSX with which you can cut, concatenate and convert video files. By using the cursor keys together with Command-, ctrl- and alt-key you can cut the video exactly up to one frame or seek fast within a video. Movie Cutter supports all formats that are supported by Quicktime. By installing diverse Quicktime plugins you can import and export nearly any media format.

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Merge Pdf Files 1.2: Axommsoft Pdf joiner combine add append multiple pdf into single pdf file

Merge Pdf Files 1.2

Axommsoft Pdf merger software joins several Adobe pdf documents together to create a single combined document having all pages a user defined order. Application is compatible with all Windows operating system including Windows 7 & supports secure and password protected documents for joining together. Download trial version to concatenate (add) documents with watermark & register it to remove this watermark stamp.

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Batch TIFF to PDF Batch tiff to PDF converter software transform multiple images to Adobe file.

Batch TIFF to PDF

Batch tiff to PDF converter software scan images into single or multiple pages PDF file. Its change a Meta properties like author, title and subject. PDF tools has the ability to combine, join, merge, concatenate, import and insert multipage TIF images into one PDF file. Image to PDF conversion tools transform all TIF format snapshots, scan, photos, graphic, screenshots and snaps into PDF files. PDF function utility a password protected files.

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PDF Concatenator PDF concatenator software manage join cut add divide single to multiple PDF file

PDF Concatenator

concatenate, Watermark, Bookmark, Password security settings, split big PDF files, delete PDF pages, merge two PDF files, deleting unwanted blank PDF pages, extract pages from PDF, comparing two PDFs, combine two PDF files into one, changing PDF page size etc. Software can split PDF files by custom pages, even pages, odd pages, page ranges, page numbers etc. Its support password protected PDF file and also hold prefix & suffix with resultant file

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VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway 4.2: VisualGSM Enterprise sends/receives SMS/MMS with MAPI/POP3/SMTP/SMPP support

VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway 4.2

VisualGSM Enterprise SMS Gateway/SMPP Server is an open-platform SQL DB driven SMS and WAP Push application suite, that empowers corporate managers to self-deploy Interactive/Concatenated SMS and WAP Push applications rapidly throughout their organization.

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inspector text 2.0.2c: Powerful search, replace, & fuzzy match worksheet formula functions for Excel.

inspector text 2.0.2c

inspector text is an Add-In for Microsoft Excel that adds powerful worksheet formula functions for working with text in worksheet cells, including search & replace, and fuzzy matching. Use several kinds of wildcards, search from left or right, and much more. inspector text also adds worksheet formula functions that return ordinal indicators for cardinal numbers ("1st" for 1, "2nd" for 2, etc.), evaluate concatenated formulas, and much more.

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Adobe Pdf Splitter Merger Adobe pdf joiner combines pdf & split pdf into multiple individual files

Adobe Pdf Splitter Merger

Download free pdf splitter program which breaks large size (multipage) pdf documents into several individual pdf documents having n number of pages per files. Pdf joiner application combines multiple documents together to create concatenated file, and save generated file at user defined location. This combo application (pdf split + merge) is affordable program which can also be used to remove any extra page(s) from bulk documents.

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BMP Image to PDF Converter BMP image to PDF converter software convert image photo and snapshot to PDF file

BMP Image to PDF Converter

concatenate and turn multiple image to single or individual Adobe document. This program set image and page feature such as page size, page margin and image size. If you want known more information for this software link Apex BMP to PDF Converter from www.files-converter.com. It does not need any software support, such as Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, etc. Software supports all major type Windows Operating System including Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000

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